Lucia Martino [Athlete]

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Lucia is one of the best european surfers on the map. Check out this fun video that was shot for a Dakine advertisement in the Canary Islands.

Wet Girls [Video]

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These girls give an whole new meaning to the word “Tits Deep”. For this is the new title to their web series about a group of world class whitewater kayakers that travel across the world kayaking and filming their adventures.

Melissa Marquardt [Athlete]

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This is a fun look into the world of pro wakeboarder, Melissa Marquardt.

Marcel Lämmerhirt [Photographer]

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Marcel Lammerhirt praiseworthy shot of the diver for Red Bull

Marcel Lammerhirt praiseworthy shot of the diver for Red Bull

Some years ago I moved from Germany, where I grew up, to Arlberg in the Austrian mountains. During this time I began shooting snowboarding action photography with friends.

What could be more stunning than to work outside in nature with some good buddies, having a good time in the snow? I decided I liked the idea of turning my photography hobby into a serious job.
Since 2005 I’ve been shooting professionally, specializing in action sports photography. With sports photography, I love to catch the right moment and put the action in a smooth frame to show the spirit and passion of the sport.

I travel around the world for various shoots and since July 2010 I have been a member of the SanDisk Extreme Team. I have worked for numerous international magazines and clients, including Blue Tomato, Adidas and Burton snowboards.



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Leo Gessess [Photographer]

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Photo of Rally Azzano Italy by Leo Gessess

Rally Azzano, Italy

About Leo:
Leo Gesess, born in Zurich/Switzerland, education/formation at the School of Applied Arts Zurich. Many years Art Director and Creative Director with several international advertising agencies.

International mandates for communication, photo direction and commercials with umpteen national and international awards achieved. Several international long-term stays abroad. Photo studios in Switzerland, USA and Italy. Owner of the advertising agency COM.COM Communication Company, Click&Pic and ArteRally. Member of various national and intenational associations.

For those who love base jumping

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Very well done!

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Old Memories

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Dan Barham [Photographer]

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© 2005-2011 Dan Barham All Rights Reserved

We have featured Dan’s work before however you can never get enough of a good thing. Dan Barham is originally from Manchester, UK, but now living on Vancouver’s North Shore,

Dan primarily shoots mountain bike and outdoor photography for numerous editorial and commercial clients across the globe, and currently enjoys a position as one of Bike Magazine’s select few Senior Photographers. You can see the complete collection of Dan’s work on his website.